Privacy Policy for Elife Global Car Service


    When a user visits, books or uses elife's global private car service (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "service") on this website, it is assumed that the user has accepted the following privacy policy. Please read the following carefully. If you do not agree to any of the following, please immediately stop accessing the site. The "elife" and "we" mentioned in this privacy policy refer to the elife global car service platform, and the "user" and "you" refer to the user who accepts this privacy policy in order to user the service provided by the site.
     In order to provide you with better services, we will collect certain necessary data based on your consent, and will not collect information that is prohibited by laws and regulations.
     The security of our user data is top priority for us. Users' personal data filled in on this platform will be kept confidential forever. We will delete data related to a user’s identity upon the user’s express request. We will never share nor sell user data under any circumstance, except when required by law.

     1) Information that must be collected to provide service


          When you book a transport service, you need to provide starting address, ending address, flight number if applicable, intended time of use and other information.

          b.Basic contact information

          In basic contact information, you need to fill in at least name, title, e-mail, mobile phone number. In order to provide you with better services, we encourage you to provide a backup mobile phone number, whatsapp and other information.


          Since payments are handled by Stripe, a third-party financial service institution, when you complete the booking and make payment, you need to provide Stripe with e-mail, bank card number, expiration date, bank card number, card owner name, country and/or region, etc.

     2) How we use your information

         a.Fulfil your order

         b.Provide promotional products and services

         c.Improve the service according to your requirements

         d.Notify you about your service reservation by email or phone

         e.Verify identity to prevent online fraud

         f.Prevent illegal activities

         g.Communicate with you when needed, such as when your reservation changes

     3) Data Collection

         a.When you visit our webpages to search and browse, we may collect the operating system you are using (for example: windows XP\Vista\Mac OS, etc.), IP address, the browser you are using, and the time when you are visiting etc.

         b.In order to optimize the user experience, when you start to fill in the page information, we will record the input data in real time (such as address, selected vehicle, contact information, etc.) for user experience analysis.

     4) Use of cookies

         Our web pages do not use cookies.